Dishonorable Justice

Friday, May 15, 2009

holy testimony

God today sent me an email and I feel that he sent it to me and then his spirit told me to give you my holy testimony. I moved to your state about thirty years ago. I was a military brat so I saw a lot of the world Christian and Muslim alike. In my early and mid twenties I was a disc jockey and was sponsored on military bases mostly in Kansas but I was doing that one last bash on Shaw AFB in Sumter, South Carolina. My father had retired there a few years earlier and he had talked me into moving to Sumter to start a business with him.

He hadn’t quite gotten the financing together so I was in limbo for about a year. I set up party with the recreation department on base and it was on. I usually brought in about ten thousand dollars at a party such as I was going to throw. Flyers blanketed Sumter and the date was set. The day of the party I was in a rush so I left my equipment at the site of the recreation center on Shaw AFB. My father had given me a motor cycle so I decided to ride it over and pick up a friend to help me set up. The base supplied most of the other help; troops and security.

On the way from picking up my friend, while ridding the motorcycle a woman putting on her makeup came into my lane sending the motorcycle flying and my friend and I breaking down all the brush in the woods with our bodies. An ambulance carried us to the emergency room at Toumey hospital where we were both diagnosed with bruised ribs and gracefully just lots of scratches. All the X-rays, time in the bushes, and the ambulance ride really ate up my time and the party was just three hours away. Maybe I ought to have cancelled but God had different plans for me. I was finding it hard to breath with the rib thing but my father picked me up at the hospital and took my friend and I to the base. It was getting down to the wire; the equipment had already been placed on the stage by some of the troops. It consisted of flash pots, fog machines, hundreds of spot lights, infinity lights, mirror balls and a twenty thousand dollar sound system and a music selection valued at over twenty thousand dollars at that time. People were already congregating around the floor area and the tables. Time was bearing down on me and I still could hardly breathe. With just thirty minutes before Showtime a couple of hundred people had already arrived and they were very excited and moving about anxiously.

Normally I would supervise every part of the set up and tear down of my equipment but I let others do everything for me that fateful night. There was one last minute item that still needed to be done and I was the only person qualified to load the flash pots. I had a quart size bottle in my left hand and I began to put a tablespoon full of flash powder in each pot. There were sixteen of then as I loaded one of the last ones a troop that was hanging around and had been helping set up started flipping switches to see what controlled what.

Before I could even get to my feet to stop him he flipped the switches controlling the flash pots; all of them right there under my feet; along with the rest of the quart I had in my left hand exploded. The blast sent me flying backwards off the stage and onto the floor over thirty feet away on my back. I was fully engulfed in the flames which had caught onto my clothes and hat.
I was holding enough flash powder to ignite a hundred flash pots. Before the blast cast me from the stage over sixty percent of my body had first second and third degree burns on it. the intense white fireball burned the retinas in both my eyes. My hair was completely burned away it melted onto my scalp. The worst burns were on my arms, hands and face.

I really thought I was in hell it hurt so badly. My teeth are still loose today I gnashed them so tightly. Troops and their dates ran over to me with anything they could grab like table cloths and water in pitchers that had been placed on the tables previously. My skin was gone so I didn’t want anyone touching me. I was on my back praying to God like I had never prayed before. Many of the girls were crying for me and soon a military ambulance arrived and took me back to the same emergency room during the same shift that was working when I was there earlier. Demerol had been given to me at the scene so by the time they rolled me into the emergency area of the hospital I had gotten very outwardly quiet. Inwardly I could still feel the burning and I could hear but not see, they were conversing about how my tear ducts and my eyes themselves my retinas were burned away. The nurses and doctors were amazed at how horrible my day had gone. I could hear some of them say short prayers for me as they heard me mumbling for god to rescue me.

It seemed like eternity had gone by but it was really on the fourth night at the hospital a man with a unusual sounding voice came into my room. I couldn’t really tell what time it was because I had been blind for four days. He said that he had heard my prayers for days and that he always visits the hospital. I assumed he was a local pastor that had just heard me praying from the hall when he visited other patients. We really didn’t pray together but for maybe two minutes; he was straight to the point. He ask God to heal my scares, make me successful in any of my dealings, heal my blindness, and relieve my pain without the drugs and we both agreed and he told me to have faith and to stay righteous. As he was walking out the door he said that some day I would make the blind to see just as I will see and that my testimony would be a blessing to all mankind.

No sooner than I heard the door open and close a nurse walked in to change my gauze. See they had placed gauze over the pockets where my eyes had been to keep the yellow colored salve for the burn areas from getting in the socket. The moment she removed them light seemed to fill my world I was so filled with joy I could see. She didn’t believe me for about an hour; she kept saying there’s no way you can see through that. She tested me with other people, Candy Stripers, Doctors, and when they gave me a mirror I looked like Friday the thirteenth and the first movie hadn’t even come out yet. Myself I couldn’t begin to tell you the peace I felt. I believe Jesus himself came into that room and spoke blessings over me and it was the beginning of a dangerous mission God has given few men the righteousness to conquer. I am honored that God chose me to play my role. My prayer is that as you read the rest of this holy testimony and your blindness will also be healed and you will stand up for Gods law and protect our innocent children and families so that we can live in peace with each other respecting each other and kneel at the feet of Jesus together. Only communities that are Christ like have low crime rates. We need to bring God back to the forefront of our community.

After my released from hospital every business I touched prospered. I mostly set up businesses for other individuals starting with my dad and I would get them started and go on to the next. In twenty five years I have partnered and run three trucking companies, three restaurants, a truck stop, an import business, and a convenience store with a drive thru. Many rich and powerful people in the community have prospered to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in direct and indirect business dealings me. People sought me out to begin new ventures. Some of them for the first time and some of them were trying to get back money they lost somewhere else. Every lawyer in Sumter County knows of me, and at least a quarter million other lawyers across the nation are living in my testimony. Written in the red blood of Jesus in Luke 11; 52 (King James Version) Woe unto you, lawyers! For ye have taken away the key of knowledge; ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered. Jesus knew that in the last days 2000 years latter I would need that scripture in my testimony.
We must cleanse our cities from within our legal systems. We must root out the corruption before it devours our children and families. Jesus knew in the last days lawyers would control all the governments around the world. This is our last chance to harvest as many souls for Jesus as possible. Right Now! You need to be looking for the nearest empty church and begin filling it up because Jesus is arriving soon. Those left behind will be deceived from an anti-Christ that will rise up shortly thereafter. Read your bible before they start taking them away; Jesus wanted us to be armed with his knowledge. Arm yourselves with the word of God and live a righteous and faithful life and your reward will come sooner than you think. Some of you will be reading this and the rapture will have already taken place I pray you can withstand what is coming next. You shall seek death but shall not find it.

God is furious with our communities’ leaders and the violence will only grow as they bankrupt every person and every government around the globe. Lawyers have allowed criminals to steal our country in back rooms and halls of justice across every county in every state and country in the world. Billions in fraud was perpetrated on Americans and look at the numbers of people in tax trouble because they cheat. They are taking us down a path that will lead to a one world government and one currency. Many small countries are already calling for this. 9-11 didn’t wake us up it only started the process. Many of the plans that were found with different terrorist cells around the globe were very elaborate plans on how to defraud America. They laid out plans on how to collapse the banking systems and crash our markets using shorting techniques and futures. There were many items that have only been circulated in the legal system. But there were plans to set up fake corporations’ especially in trucking and in our ports. Many terrorist camps popped up across America, and the world. These plans were so precise that individuals on their own and as groups began emulating the plans themselves. No not Muslims but our own citizenship. We became terrorist ourselves destroying our own communities.

The city I live in is a good example of what you need to see; Sumter, South Carolina. Number three in the nation for crime. Just thirty minutes east of Columbia and home of Shaw AFB. Our Magistrates Office has been connected to the drug trade, running fake corporations with family members, insurance fraud against AIG, Aiding and abetting a felon or actually hundreds of felons, DUI's, and hearing cases that should have been moved out of her jurisdiction. In 2003 the daughter and nephew of a local magistrate set up a fake corporation with me (without my knowledge at the time) that brought in over seven point two million dollars.

Her daughter and nephew and others set up the corporation to recover over a million dollars in losses sustained from a fraud in another investment they had had with a gentleman out of their jurisdiction. Those terrorist plans that they were copying only made them even greedier so they couldn’t stop. In September 2005 I walked away from the group to start another company for my son. When I left they were still bringing in over a hundred and forty thousand dollars a week. How do you run a fake corporation next to a military installation? Shaw AFB was a specific target to terrorist. There were plans and they followed them almost to a tee. Even the parts were you influence people in judgeships so you can protect your activity.

Drivers were sent by the group to commit insurance fraud and to try to put the legitimate business I had started when I left them; out of business. Many trucks and trailers on many different occasions were intentionally damaged, stolen, re-stolen, and sabotaged for the money. Hundreds of police reports were denied because that same office pushed cases out the door. I was personally witness to conversations involving circumstances surrounding the death of Daniel Putnam and the subsequent 25 year conviction for her innocent mother Martina Putnam. See their trucks were being drained of antifreeze and transmission fluid on at least a few occasions that led the father to abuse the child. Five witnesses that saw the crime were left off the witness stand because they would have implicated her daughter and nephews activities (Fake Corporation) but the child died at the hand of its father. His family in Arizona is trying to find a way to turn him in before he kills another child. His family states that just a few months ago he struck his father in the leg breaking it. There is no need for names in my testimony we all need to look in the mirror. Not saying anything and just standing idly by will be what ultimately destroys our world. This is why I will never in the name of Jesus stop trying to show you the light. Its hard to believe but there are room full’s of evidence including the server which has every load, every dollar, every name, and all evidence needed to get the conviction that will never happen. I pray for your souls, may god forgive you and give you a chance to make it into his kingdom. Remember though that it is a sin to bear false witness so you have to come forward. Don't worry the statute of limitations has run out for the government anyway. Well except for the murder of Daniel Putnam just one year old when he was punched in the head by a mad-man.

In closing I would just like to state my personal opinion that the judge really just started out protecting the group because of her family involvement. It was a few rogue elements of the group that went the extra mile that led to the fraud against Quick Transportation LLC located in Sumter, South Carolina. It is sad that she is locked in this trap with those individuals and looking the other way. I would ask her to cease and desist before others in out community start getting more trickle down crime. I love you all; even her. Edward

R. Quick, Sumter, South Carolina

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Making the blind see!

In the early eighties I was a disc jockey and I had just moved to Sumter, South Carolina out of a short stint in college in Tulsa Oklahoma. My father had talked me into going into business with him opening a convenience store called the Quick Stop which was located on Broad Street. A few months before we bought the store I decided to do one last party at the Recreation Center at Shaw Air Force Base. My intention was to make a few thousand dollars to get by while I waited to get started with the store and my dad. Over the previous ten years I had invested over fifty thousand dollars in sound equipment, records, fog machines, flash pots complete with the explosives, and an out of this world light show. I've never been a small thinker, I have always given every business I have helped start one hundred percent, every investor and associate has profited greatly from my efforts. But God Almighty had a different plan for my life that night at the recreation center at Shaw Air Force Base.

I had been having a really bad day, I was in a rush, and my trip to the emergency room at Toumey Regional Medical Center just four hours before showtime for a motorcycle accident where Robert and I were thrown from my bike as we avoided a head on collision with a car coming at us in our lane. I was hurting so bad while I was setting up the equipment - it was hard to breath - caused from the impact with the trees from the earlier crash. Some of the troops that worked at the center also gave us a hand moving the hundreds of pieces of equipment out of my trailer and onto the stage before the party began. In the transit a few of the switches on the control panel must have been moved into an unsafe position. In my haste I began filling the flash pots without looking at the position of the switches.When I got to the ninth pot and loaded the powder into the pot it was like I instantly exploded the massive flash of the entire quart size container in my left hand caught the spark of the massive fireball that ensued. My hair was melted away instantly, except for the small areas where the band of a hat I had been wearing dissolved on my head. The Beale of the hat was on fire as I laid there some thirty feet backwards from the explosion. The skin was burned away instantly as the flash pots exploded, even the retinas in my eyes had been instantly burned away according to the doctor and health care workers at the scene with military medics and then later Toumey's health care professionals.

Completely conscious of my surroundings but totally blind I thought I was in hell from the second the explosion occurred. The pain was unbearable but god gave me the strength to overcome it. The troops around me immediately called for help as they tried to smother the flames from my hat and the clothes that I was wearing. I had in the blink of an eye first second and third degree burns over forty percent of my body. All of the burns were on the front of my body as the back was shielded from the blast somewhat. Had I been able to cry I know I would have at that moment but even my tear ducts had been burned away outwardly. I constantly cried out to God anyway to help take the pain away. I would have settled for the easy way out at that time but the grace of god had other plans for me. Once the ambulance had arrived at the Toumey Emergency entrance I heard in my anguish a worker remark that my identification was the same as a Quick that had just left there earlier in the day from a motorcycle accident. They had already given me Demerol in the ambulance on the way from Shaw as a remedy to the horrible burning pain I was suffering. They were joking that I must be trying to kill myself. I guess they thought I was out from the medication but I was actually in a constant state of prayer. I pleaded with god to please not let them touch the open burns. It seemed like an eternity before the burning would stop. I was begging god to please let me see again, I didn't want to be a burden on anyone, I wanted to be a success in life. I wanted to pain to go away and my sight to come back. I wanted out of the darkness and only God himself to get me out of there.

For a little over three days I prayed that god would let me see I prayed after every visit with the doctor and every session with the nurses as they performed their duties. Every second I was awake I prayed to god to deliver me from this. Clearly on every visit the doctor said I had burned the retinas in my eyes and there is nothing short of a miracle that would allow me to get my vision back completely. Definitely I was facing a life of blindness. I begged god to please let me see again! A man that I thought was a local pastor at the time came into my room as I was saying that prayer. He had an awkward speech pattern that I have searched for since. He ask if I wanted to pray with him because when two or more gather and pray together for the same thing then that prayer will be answered. He said he had been praying with others in the hospital and he had heard me crying out to God. We prayed that god would bring back my sight and we specifically ask for twenty twenty vision. We prayed that god would bless me in every job and business I ever operated. We prayed that god would prevent any scaring on my face, neck, chest, and arms. We specifically ask that god replace the burned retinas in my eyes that I might see.

Just moments after we began thanking god in anticipation of granting all that we had asked for in our prayers the nurse walked into the room as I could hear the click of the door. The pastors voice seemed to end just when the nurse walked into the room. In his silence I ask that he please stay while she removes the gauze from my eyes that protected them from the yellow gooey Slav that the nurses and doctors would put on the open burns covering my body. She ask if I needed any more Demerol and I said you know I don't think I need it. As she removed the patches from my eyes it was like blinding white light like coming out of total darkness for over three days to spotlights over your bed. As my awe took over me and I saw that she was the only one there I ask if she saw where the man went that had been praying with me. She said sternly to me there is no man here just me and you Mr. Quick as she read off my chart. Everything is so white in here, your uniform, the walls, the curtains. Of course it is Mr. Quick she replied, but there is no way you could be seeing that through that crusty mess where your eye used to be. But I can see you I told her from the second you removed those patches. For the next eight hour shift she tested me with how many fingers and what color is the polish on them. She sent in almost every nurses aid and doctor in the vicinity to test me. In all the ciaos I never saw that angel or heard his voice again.

I have however heard the voice of god during more than seventeen thousand prayers I have had with him since that day over twenty five years ago. Each day I have ask him to bless my life and lead me down the right path, I seek his help in my decision making process. Although I have fallen short of his grace many times I know that through the blood of his son Jesus I have been forgiven and when the rapture takes place I am not planning on hanging around here. I am writing this testimony to gods greatness and I pray for the souls of the lost daily. My only regret in all this is that god has given me such a powerful testimony and I've always been too shy of a crowd to give it. Besides no one listens anymore. The worlds populations have become completely blind to whats going on around them. The middle class has watched the value of their one real solid asset their home drastically loose its value. If they had a hundred thousand in their 401K in 2001 then they have about thirty five thousand now. All the while fund managers have shorted and profited off all the losses. The phrase "shorted" this is where you make money as stocks go down for the market illiterate. In the near future in those hearings they always have on capital hill with those numbers professionals that you trusted your money to lawyers will find a way to soak the American taxpayer. Lawyers are the people we trust our entire future with. We elect them for the most part to create laws that are supposed to make America a law abiding society.

Somewhere along the way man has slipped off a cliff, lawyers are in every part of government, they write laws with loopholes so they can charge the citizen twenty thousand dollar retainers to get them out of trouble. Politicians take bribes from white collar criminals to keep problems from cropping up in the criminal world they have created or keeping them from being exposed to the public that they serve. I believe god delivered me from blindness and my entire life since that day has been to this purpose and that is to expose this corruption before they destroy our country and attempt to turn its people away from Jesus. Sumter on the face is a beautiful small city with the population of just over forty thousand people. Under the face Sumter is number three in the nation per capita for crime. Detroit is number one and Memphis is number two.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Martin Luther Kings Dream and White Collar Crime

Reference; Martin Luther Kings Dream!

“I have a dream”; those words ring as clear in my mind today as they did the day I first heard them on August 28, 1963. My mom was watching a march on Washington DC that day on the television. My brother and I were playing with our toy trucks right in front of our ironically black and white television. It was like time froze for a time and my mom and us stopped to pray for the nation right along with him. Martin Luther King spoke to the masses and the nation. At the time I didn’t realize just how much he was speaking directly to me.

For the next forty five years I walked away when I heard persons making racist comments and I still do to this day. My mom taught me to respect all life no matter what their color or belief. I didn’t want to be a part of the racist crowd but there are some things the government or our birthright just doesn’t give us a choice over. Yes they call me white on all the government forms but in reality I’m really closer to beige.

I know however for sure that I am serving the same God that Mr. King was. I also know that that same God is fixing to bring a change upon this country that will sweep from sea to shinning sea. I know this because I have the same faith that Martin Luther King had and so do countless millions of others. You see there is really only one race – the human race – you’re shallow if you see it any other way. It is now time to wake up from that dream state and bring those dreams to reality. It is time for all of us as Americans to take back our states and our country. It is time to change some of our racist laws and policies so that we can save our economy as well as our way of life.

I am referring to “White Collar Crime”; wow, that title even sounds racist and it is. White Collar doesn’t mean you are white it means you are smart or at least that is what a local Solicitor told me recently when I went up against a Local investment group in South Carolina. For those of you that didn’t know what white collar crime is I will attempt to help you understand. The investment group I am referring to were all nineteen as beige as I am. OK for the sake of being politically correct we were all white. They are all to use the Solicitors words “smart”, and on the surface they all have the appearance of conducting legitimate businesses in the community.

My relationship had begun with the aforementioned group almost five years ago. They collaborated to set up false corporations and used persons like myself to make millions all the while moving all the money out of the country to the Cayman Islands. In many cases they would commingle the funds into their own failing businesses so as to offset losses from clients and customers that didn’t pay their bills. In any case none of what they have done can be prosecuted in the criminal courts because it all falls under the “civil” rules. That means If I can’t come up with the hundred and sixty thousand dollars to go after them myself the government will just let them slide under the rug.

On September 30, 2007; some of the investment group succeeded in putting Quick Transportation out of business. Quick Transportation LLC was the business that I set up over two years earlier to get away from the aforementioned group. A few of them convinced me that the others were the guilty parties and they put trucks on with my company. Shortly thereafter they began stealing their own equipment and collecting on my companies insurance. In some cases they just kept collecting payments from Quick all the while keeping said equipment in warehouses that they owned. Hundreds of police reports were filed with virtually every law enforcement agency. Some of them located in other states as the group would take equipment from there and put the same in their warehouse for months all the while collecting checks for lease payments from Quick Transportation.

The group was so “smart” they even set me up with my first and subsequently second attorney’s. I paid thousands of dollars in retainers and not a single witness has been deposed. The sad thing is the first attorney I acquired was only less than a year after going into business with this group. They had set up a Corporation named Driver Resources Inc. located in Sumter, South Carolina. We grossed over seven point two million in just two years. All the money was factored through a bank in Alabama and the group would divide the proceeds on a monthly basis. When they didn’t pay me I acquired their attorney and they walked me all the way to the point I am at now. I have not been able to work for the past four months because each attempt I have made has been met with another theft of a truck. The group has gone so far as to have a mechanic from a neighboring community drain the antifreeze and oil out of a truck I own so that when I crank it, it would burn up.

Police reports were filed on all of the hundreds of crimes that were committed against me as well as my company. I even have the hard drive and server that proves that Driver Resources Inc. really existed but to no avail. If the government is doing something they aren’t telling me about it. Even though the constitution gives certain rights to each of us as a “victim” of crime you have to pay your own way. If I am to see justice I must find a way to find an attorney that is willing to go up against the system (brotherhood) that they have set up.

Although I am facing odds that most would turn away from I will not let the dream that Mr. King helped instill in me go away. I believe that this could be the turning point in our country. Please read more about what happened to Quick Transportation LLC in previously released statements. Stand up for equal rights and help fight against white collar crime. Don’t let rich white people continue get away with murder, theft, racketeering, commingling funds, insurance fraud, loan fraud, forging documents, and the list just goes on and on. Send your support letters to Quick Transportation; PO Box 1087, Sumter, South Carolina 29151. It is time for our jails to have a more fairly represented population. Let’s show the Sumter South Carolina Solicitor that they are not as smart as they think. Just because the government wants to let them go, let’s wake up, and take action to make this change.

Thanks for your attention;
Edward R. Quick
President, Quick Transportation LLC